Stuffed Jalapenos with Cream Cheese and Bacon

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One of my favorite appetizers to make for guests when I’m doing a long barbecue is bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese. If you can convince jalapeno haters to give them a try, they usually end up loving them too (just make sure you seed them well). This is standard fare for my backyard.

stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese


  • Eight Jalapenos. I like to buy em a little on the smallish side so that they cook a little more quickly. I like the jalapenos to be a little soft by the time they come off the grill.
  • Two packs of center cut bacon. Make sure the bacon slices are fairly straight with no thin spots or tears. Don’t get thick sliced.
  • One 16 oz tub of Philly Cream Cheese.

This stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese recipe will make sixteen stuffed jalapenos. If you’re cooking for just two or three people, you can cut the ingredients in half.

Cut the stems off the jalapenos, slice them in half, then seed them. Remember that the seeds are the hot part so, get them all unless you like it hot. Don’t forget to wash your hands really well with soapy water or you might end up burning something important later (like your eyes :)).

Add plenty of cream cheese and, make sure to push it into the jalapeno so that it is completely filled. Mound it over the top of the edges just a little bit. Don’t worry if you get it all over the outside of the jalapenos. It’ll help the bacon stick just a bit.

Slice a few of the bacon strips in half. Take one half strip and loop it over the stem end. This will help keep the cream cheese from squirting out the end when you grill em.

cream cheese jalapeno with bacon

Take a full strip of bacon and, starting at about a 45 degree angle at the bottom part of the jalapeno, wrap it all the way to the top. Make sure that you wrap it over the piece of bacon that you looped over. You can stretch it just a bit so it’s tight around the jalapeno. And remember, there’s no such thing as too much bacon.

stuffed jalapenos

You’re going to need a grill basket that will hang onto your stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese. If they flop around in your basket, the bacon will come unwrapped and you’ll get cream cheese everywhere. Squeeze them in it tight and don’t worry about squishing them a little.

Cooking Stuffed Jalapenos with Cream Cheese and Bacon

Cook them directly over the hottest part of the fire. When you start grilling them, a bit of the cream cheese will fall out due to it liquefying in the hot fire. They’re done when the bacon has a little bit of char on it and it’s sizzling really good. It usually takes about three or four minutes per side. The fire will pop and flare up while you’re cooking them, so be careful you don’t burn the hair off your knuckles. If you want the jalapenos to be a little softer, you can put them over indirect heat for fifteen minutes or so but, I usually don’t bother.

Be careful when you take em off the pit because they’ll dribble a little cream cheese. I usually keep a baking pan on the side of the grill to set them in so I don’t make too much of a mess.

They’re messy and take a bit of effort to make but, these bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese will definitely score points with whoever is helping you man the grill. It’s worth the effort.

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TXGIRL September 5, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Easy to follow instructions for a great appetizer made on the grill. My friends and I really enjoyed these, thanks!

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