Guest Post Guidelines

We do accept guest posts here on, if they follow the below criteria:

  1. The content fits in with the overall theme of  (ie., grilling or barbecuing recipes and guides that can be done without restaurant grade equipment)
  2. Posts should include a minimum of one quality, royalty free, picture that relates to the content of the post. More is better.
  3. Post content should be unique and not appear anywhere else on the internet, now or in the future.
  4. Post content should be specific (no “bbq is great” posts)
  5. Posts should be a minimum of 600 words. 800-1000 would be better.
  6. Links should not be affiliate links.
  7. Links should point to websites that relate to the article posted.
  8. If I find links to be offensive (at my sole discretion), then the post will be rejected.
  9. No more than one link included in the body of the post, which must be highly targeted, relative and very specific to the post content. You can also include a link in your author bio.

If you feel like the audience will benefit by your post, then please contact me using my contact form and let me know.

I reserve the right to reject posts for any reason, or no reason at all, if I choose. My goal here at is to provide the highest quality, relevant content, to the readers as possible.